User Guide To IRCTC.CO.IN

The following are the some useful links for beginners who just have started booking tickets online on

So after a long work and editing I have come up with IRCTC user guides that will help you book your tickets faster and make you learn how to book tickets. These user guides are based on IRCTC methods, they provide it by themselves.

We a number of tutorials/guides to help you book tickets online and also guides like cancelling ticket and many others are on this blog. Some of the important links you may like:

IRCTC Quick Ticket Booking Guide

IRCTC Mumbai Suburban Season Ticket Booking Guide

Ticket Cancellation Guide | IRCTC and Indian Railways

How To Check Live Train Running Status

IRCTC Login Registration (Sign up)

IRCTC Login Next Generation (NGET) E-ticket Booking Tutorial |

Next Generation (NGET) Tatkal Booking Step by Step Guide

Checking IRCTC PNR Status

We are still working hard to make a good e-book that will have full content regarding booking. This will include basics like using your internet to making safe payment online. Printing your e-ticket or just using the mobile phone to show the ticket to Ticket Examiner. Checking you PNR status, cancelling ticket or cancelling ticket of a single or more person within a ticket. Sending ticket message again if you have lost it.
► First of all I am giving you IRCTC E-wallet guide as it helps you save your payment time and protect you from hackers.

Click to Download IRCTC e-wallet User Guide Here

► After e-wallet guide I have created e-ticket booking guide for noob and beginner users who have just registered on IRCTC and want to know how to book general tickets.

Click to Download IRCTC e-ticket Booking Step by Step Guide

► Also I have created a special tatkal booking guide for users who want to book tatkal tickets faster and easily.

► At last I have created an e-book for users who want to learn how to register on IRCTC and get their account active. With this tutorial you will easily create an IRCTC online account.

Click to Download IRCTC Registration or Account Creating Step by Step Guide

Some question and answers about IRCTC and online ticket booking

Will RLWL status tickets get confirmed effectively? 

Relies on upon which course and in  which class  you are voyaging ? 

On the off chance that you are going from real station than the standard is all the more, likewise there are more risks for a sleeper class ticket to get confirmed. 

Indian Railways: If there is no discount for the dropping of an affirmed Tatkal ticket, why might anybody try to scratch off their Tatkal ticket? 

Does anyone at all ability do hold up recorded tickets in Tatkal get affirmed? 

Does anybody need to drop their Tatkal holding up ticket and record a TDR to get discount for it or its naturally scratched off and cash credited to the traveler's record? 

Individuals may cross out a Tatkal ticket despite the fact that they don't get a discount so that some person in the holding up rundown can get an affirmed billet without much tension. I've done it without a doubt. A few individuals might likewise need to be adjust for the record, i.e. not have it on the record as though they could have been on the train when they are not going to be. 

Regardless of the fact that no tatkal ticket holder scratches off their ticket, waitlists do move when non-tatkal ticket holders drop as well. Additionally, there are various unused share seats (for military work force, opportunity contenders and so forth.) that get discharged at the season of graph readiness. On the off chance that nothing else, waitlists move upwards when extra mentors are added to the rake.