Seat Availability - Indian Railways

Check your Seat availability fast and easily at this website provide by Indian Railways:

Remember enter correct details to get exact seat availability or else you will get some error or wrong results. Railway reservation enquiry seat availability can be done easily at Indian railway ticket availability.
IRCTC seat availability enable us to check that is their any seats available on a particular date and train and in the desired COACH AC or Sleeper.

Mostly there is a chance of availability in sleeper and AC first and second class but you can also get availability in other coaches depending on your location.

The factors on which seat availability really matters are -

  1. How many days before you book your ticket from the date of travelling.
  2. The station in between you want to travel. Like stations in between lots of people travel has fair chance of less availability of tickets and stations in between less people travel has high chance of ticket availability.
  3. Booking month, for example if you need ticket in a month of festival then there is a lot probability that you will not get tickets. if you are booking in month of vacation like summer vacation or winter vacation then most probably its hard to get tickets.
  4. Booking in between stations where people do up down daily for jobs or business.
  5. Booking in between metro cities of India.
The best thing is to book your ticket many days prior to the date of traveling as you have lots of Indian railway seat availability and very less people booking for that train and coach. Before booking any ticket you should consider the above factor and must try to sort out these or you may get stuck in waiting list problems.