How to download Railway Ticket with PNR Number Only?

Either you have forgotten your IRCTC ID or whatever it is the reason. If you have PNR number and the ticket is really yours then you can generate your ticket with the given method below.

How to download Railway Ticket with PNR Number Only?

Method 1: You cannot get original printed irctc ticket but you can check your PNR status on Indian Railway and get the important details. (Make sure that you atleast know the names in ticket exactly as entered while ticket booking.)
Then, use any old downloaded IRCTC ticket (take it’s screenshot) and edit it with any software like paint, photoshop etc. Enter you latest ticket details you got from Indian railway. Save and print your ticket.

Method 2: No need to print, just open any old booked ticket SMS received, edit it with the latest details and save it in your phone. Show the ticket details in the phone to ticket checker. Make sure you have a valid ID proof while travelling.

At last, it is really hard to lose your ticket as IRCTC texts you the ticket on your mobile as well as email it to you on your registered email address. So unless you got your ticket booked with an tatkal ticket agent it is hard to lose your ticket. So, in other methods you can check your email to download the ticket or show the message received on your mobile to the ticket checker.

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