Login to IRCTC : irctc online reservation e ticket

IRCTC login is the procedure to login at the irctc website. Many users who are unable to login at the site is because
they do not have an ID or they have not verified their id after registration or they are entering wrong details in username and password field provided at the site.

irctc login page

irctc online passenger reservation

Online passenger reservation can be done at irctc.co.in. Indian users can make only one id from one mobile number and address. IRCTC login cna be done from the sign in form provided at the homepage of the irctc.

irctc online passenger reservation site

This is the URL of the site: https://www.irctc.co.in/  for online passenger reservation. Make sure you have registered befire try to login.

irctc e ticket booking

After login to irctc website, you can book e ticket at Plan my Journey portal. All you have to do is enter your stations, date of journey and click on submit to get the list of trains. Then select the class in your particular train and click on book. Follow the procedure and book it. You will need some online procedure to make the payment like you must have debit card or net banking.

irctc railway seat availability

Seat availability is one of the most scary part for any online e tciket booking user. Most of the times, there is no seat availability. IRCTC seat availability the the number seats that are available to book in a particular train.

pnr status

After booking the train ticket you will get a ten digit number on your ticket which is a unique number adn through which you can check the status of your seats availability. Which means with pnr number you can determine if the seats got confirmed or not or may be you already have a confirmed seat.

irctc registration

Before booking and login the procedure that users have to do is registering on irctc website. Go to the main homepage of irctc at irctc.co.in and click on sign up button. Fill the form, enter a unique username and your correct details. Click on submit, verify your mobile number and email. Voila! you are now a registered user of IRCTC.
IRCTC login registration Online

irctc railway reservation seat availability

This is same as the seat availability explained above. Reservation seat availability is the seats available that you can reserve for yourself.

train availability between two stations

Train availability between two stations is the number of trains that travel in between the chosen stations by you. On indianrail.gov.in site you can enter the two staions and it will show you the train that travel in between those stations.

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