Fast Tatkal Booking Guide Giveaway

All the users who follow the steps below will be emailed with the tatkal booking guide that will let you to book tickets faster than ever.

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It is mandatory that you should follow all the given steps above to get the booking guide. The e-book will be emailed to you on 31st December 2014. we are in no way associated with IRCTC or any of it's services. All the users are requested to follow the steps correctly. In case you have a question, you can ask us in comments below.


Ques. Who can enter in this giveaway?
Ans. All the users who have followed the above steps are eligible and can enter in this giveaway. we have the full rights to cancel participation of any user.

It is requested to follow above procedure before downloading the e-book. Thank You! The download link of e-book is given below, like or follow to unlock:

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