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Welcome to IRCTC Login users most trusted website for nextgen irctc tutorials. We are helping people from the last three years to learn to do irctc login, book tickets, cancel tickets and check pnr status. We hope you will love our site if you are a new and as well as frequent user of IRCTC. Railway reservation enquiry seat availability everything is covered.

Learn how to IRCTC Login (irctc online reservation e ticket), book Tatkal tickets, Tatkal rules and booking tricks. First of all, this post gives you comprehensive information about online ticket booking and things related to it. Every detail of online train ticket booking and login id discussed here.
Know about online reservation and all Indian railway online related things, I recommend you should read the whole article below.

How Book Tatkal Ticket?

You can book tatkal ticket just one day before the train departure date. By one day it only means with date not like 24 hours or anything else. Tatkal means emergency so if you are in hurry tatkal booking is for you. For tatkal service you have to pay some extra amount of money.

First go to the login page and sign in to your account. Check train availability between two stations you want to travel. If tatkal option is available on that particular day, you will see the option on the site.

Check the Tatkal option. Select a train and class of journey (A/C 1 2 3, Sleeper, Seating, e.t.c) to check the availability. If there are seats available in the tatkal quota, just proceed to the payment. You can book waiting ticket but tatkal waiting hardly clears. The below image explains it better.

IRCTC Login Tatkal Booking

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Update: The new website Next Generation eTicketing System is pretty much fast and working smoothly. However it don't have many facilities as well as its asks for so many image CAPTCHAs.

The best way to book a ticket is to SBI internet for faster payments. Visit onlinesbi for learning to activate your online sbi internet banking account to make faster payments while ticket booking.

IRCTC Login Page Process

Read the all the steps carefully for Irctc Login. Enter with your username and password in the login box given at to sign in. Book the e-tickets by entering the journey details in plan my travel.
You can learn to do it within a minute but does it look simple as that, just entering and booking. The main problem is that website don't work that easy and hassle free. Consequently during rush it is not easy to log in fast and search for trains. Until you find your train go on book. Mostly, users are just left with a huge waiting list. Also, this online ticket waiting list is worthless, even if you buy the e-ticket you should not travel with a waiting e-ticket because it is not valid for travelling. Train boarding is only allowed for PRS counter tickets having waiting or confirm berths.

What to do after After having Waiting Tickets?

After having waiting ticket you have to check regularly your PNR status. Check if your waiting list number is dropping. Maybe you can get confirm berths before chart preparation.
If you have booked a ticket and want to print your ticket again. Then go to Booked ticket history and print your ticket. Also you can do irctc seat availability check by entering the information of your travel in the Plan my journey box and then clicking on submit button. Then click on the class in the row of the train for which you want to know the availability. For Sleeper click on SL, for AC first click on 1A. Similarly for second AC and third AC click on 1A and 2A respectively. For second sitting click on 2S.

Conclusion to Tatkal Ticket

So what's the conclusion to online railway ticket booking site? It is that you will not get a Tatkal ticket in case you are not expert at online reservation and internet surfing. You should know the meanings of errors you get, learn how to tackle these errors and different methods to get log in at exactly the 10.00 AM tatkal time?
Really? Do you have this much enough time just to book a single ticket on this online ticket booking site?
IRCTC log in has become a very scary keyword to search. Since, as you write those two words in google and hit enter you got enormous results related to it with tricks, tips and hacks and even softwares to reserve ticket. Hence, it's like a trap and should save yourself from it. Those who have liked us and followed out all social pages and are reading our blog, are at right place, for objections or queries you may ask in comments.

Why not to buy Online Tatkal Booking Softwares

First of all I want to tell you all readers that never try to buy a software that claims to book your tickets instantly. These are fake and why someone sell that software when they can make more money with that software than they earn from selling it. Simple, these are just fake people selling fake ticket booking software who will swallow your money and disappear like carbon in air.

Now what to do when methods all over the internet don't do anything that gives you instant access to your IRCTC account. Well there are simple tricks and methods that help you go through your Tatkal reservation. This blog is truly dedicated to public and we do our best so that you prevent getting trapped into scams like softwares or any trick that get you in trouble. We are continuously working and searching for the best tips so that you can get your online eticket and you have not contact any agent who charge so much for tickets per person.

For Real Hot Beginners

For the new users that don't know anything about online reservation, how to create an account, how to use it, how to generate tickets, manage booking tatkal tickets faster, anything related to PNR status, most probably you are at the right place cause we are working on an e-book which will guide you through the whole process like a child learning ABC and will teach you to Z. Will add some irctc online passenger reservation fantastic tricks and give you some scripts there to admittedly making you into a Tatkal booking master.

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How to get Latest Updates About IRCTC

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There are lot of benefits subscribing to us. You will be updated with latest trends and hacks that will let you doing everything related to online ticket reservation fast and easy.

Help For Registration Of Users

We are always here to give hands for IRCTC Login alternate and registration. Therefore, users that need any help or something else just comment below! Even anything regarding pnr status or new account (irctc register create new account) or any help regarding sign-in.
The Indian railways system needs so much improvement from its trains, offices, ticket counter to all online services. Any other thing you want to say please comment below your suggestions and methods that how we can improve it. Happy registration.

Things You Should Not Do When Booking Ticket Online

  • Never buy a software.
  • Do not buy a VPN service that book online tickets (Virtual Private Network).
  • Think before paying [Do not fall in such tricks] someone who offers you that he will tell the secret of booking tickets.
  • Only book the eticket from with a https and green highlighted in your browsers address bar.
  • Do not open multiple IDs at same PC.
  • Use Mozilla Firefox for online booking of tickets. (Although it's not necessary anymore.)
  • At last, be patient when doing your reservation :)
You can find many different methods on internet. However, very few cover the topic fully and give a useful information. Also, all of your questions cannot be answered at one place. Some of the tricks you have to learn yourselves. We have tried to give you a full scope of IRCTC train login and all of its services from signing up to booking e-tickets.

Pilgrimage trains that can be booked through tourism site. Book your retiring rooms online easily. Also, there is no need of going anywhere just book your retiring room at site.

irctc train enquiry between two stations

IRCTC e-ticket booking always keeps coming up with new rules and regulations. IRCTCs homepage contains the latest Alerts & Updates for passengers.

Indian Railway Passenger Reservation Enquiry

To check seat availablity visit: Also, for train number and station code please check on the right side of the blog under Important Links. Furthermore, You can find all the station codes listed alphabetically and train between stations. For various other services provided by Indian railway catering and tourism corporation visit It will tell you where to book ticket online and various Indian railway portal. Official twitter handle where you can directly contact and complain and get fast response is:

Indian Railway Details For Foreigners

Foreigners (NRIs) who are visiting India first time. First of all, I recommend you guys to get a travel insurance as soon as you reach India. If you have an international travel insurance then it's good. You must have a really good insurance that can cover you medical expenses during the travel, trip cancellation charges and handling. Maybe if you lost your luggage then it should cover that too. Also flight accident and other losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or within one's country. There are hundreds of companies that offer such international insurances (do check that it covers all the countries you are visiting). Hence, make sure you read their terms and condition.
Hope you people understand the whole procedure. For any queries regarding Indian Railways IRCTC Login, comment below and we will try our best for helping you out.

IRCTC Hindi आईआरसीटीसी हिंदी में

इंडियन रेल्वे मे तत्काल टिकट बुक करने के लिए आईआरसीटीसी पे लॉगिन करें। आईआरसीटीसी अब हिंदी में खोली जा सकती है। हिंदी में वेबसाइट बनाने के बाद से आईआरसीटीसी कस्टमर्स में देखी है। आईआरसीटीसी की वेबसाइट एशिया की सबसे ज़्यादा ग्राहक वाली वेबसाइट में से जानी जाती है। इंडियन रेल्वे का इस तरह  बढ़ना लोगों को फ़ायदा दे रहा है लेकिन अभी भी लोगों को टिकेट बुक करने में दुविधा होती है।

I hope this helps all the Indian IRCTC users who understand hindi well. As I said earlier if you have any questions regarding irctc like registering, verifying your irctc account or any other thing getting the probability of your pnr ticket being getting confirmed etc. You can contact me in comment below!

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