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IRCTC Online Reservation

Slow IRCTC reservation login takes all the peak time of tatkal booking and ultimately only waiting list us left for the online ticket booking users , however on the other side the window ticket booking users get the ticket if they reach on time at reservation counter.

One of the major problems of Indian people is travelling and due to very bad roads in India, people prefer to travel by train and hence this increase the load on Indian Railways and online ticket booking site IRCTC.

Everyday lakhs of tickets are booked and a big waiting list is also made. Less trains, more people to travel and ver bad service overall makes the travel experience of Indian and as well as foreigners very bad.

Tackling IRCTC Reservation LOGIN PAGE

The IRCTC Login page, being daily searched for the unwanted errors and unavailability of irctc is easy to open now through Microsoft irctc app. Its fast and easy, nice and easy interface.

There are lots of method out there on the net for login and booking ticket on IRCTC reservation site like grease monkey scripts to auto-fill the forms, matching clock time with IRCTC'S clock, signing in with a VPN or a proxy near Delhi blah blah blah. But actually there is no way or hack to login to IRCTC and just book your tickets in minutes.

Although there are some tricks and luck which will get your tatkal ticket booked on time and without waiting. The below heading has the link which can solve your problems related to ticket booking.

IRCTC Online Reservation Tatkal Hack Solved

IRCTC reservation being searched most for tatkal hacks too. However there is no real post available on net related to tatkal hack or irctc login. About irctc tatkal hack I have posted previously in this blog.
Irctc login page online reservation

Here is the link: http://www.login-irctc.co.in/2013/09/irctc-tatkal-hacked.html

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